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Schmuck alert: Job-killing Obama

September 1st 2011 18:07
The government raided a Gibson Guitar manufacturing facility recently in search of illegally-imported wood. Apparently, they found some of the dastardly wood. In an attempt to offer a solution, the Obama administration made a suggestion to the company:

KMJ Radio host Chris Daniel interviewed Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz on Wednesday. Juszkiewicz told Chris that the Obama Administration told them, “Your problems would go away if you used Madagascar labor instead of our labor.”

Is that the Obama administration's solution? Send American jobs overseas? I guess THIS is Obama's strategy for impacting the job crisis in the US. He intends to make it worse.

Don't get me wrong. I'm 100% against illegally imported wood. Indeed, it's a horrific crime against humanity and it should be (as it apparently is) a top priority for the administration!! However, it's widely known that Gibson's main competitor also uses illegally imported wood. Why did the administration pick on Gibson? It turns out that Gibson's CEO supports Republicans. His as-yet-unraided competitor is a diehard Democrat. So, Obama gets the sweet bonus of killing American manufacturing jobs AND playing politics. Life is good for the Job-Killer-In-Chief!

Instead of searching for illegal wood, Obama could raid companies in a search for illegal workers. That's a novel idea. What's the problem with that? Well, that would actually CREATE opportunities for unemployed Americans. That just wouldn't work for Obama. Instead, he has seen fit to officially ignore job-stealing illegals (unless they're murderers, of course) and even line them up for work permits.

Thanks, Odumbo. You're encouraging American companies to move jobs overseas and you're encouraging illegal aliens to remain and compete with unemployed Americans for the few jobs that are available in this country.

November 2012 can't get here soon enough.


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Comment by S.L.

September 1st 2011 19:14
I wish I could say I'm surprised, PopCon. Disgusted, yes... surprised, no. Cronyism and political pandering are becoming fine arts under this administration. 2012 seems like a long way off sometimes, and I still am not overwhelmed with confidence in a fair election. If he loses (and please, God, he will) we'll be treated to the same race-baiting trash we've had since the last election... on steroids.

Comment by PopulistConservative

September 1st 2011 20:39
SL, I'm sure this will be covered by the MSM, though, right? All they talk about is jobs, so this should lead every news and politics show, right?

We'll have to overcome a LOT to get him out of office - the Dems, the MSM, liberal special interests, and maybe a weak GOP candidate. If unemployment stays at 9%, though, I think the voters would vote for Mickey Mouse over Odumbo.

Comment by It

September 2nd 2011 05:06
Of course Gibson shouldn't be using illegal manufacturing techniques. Your principle that if someone else acts illegally then so can you would result in ANARCHY. The rule of democratically legislated L-A-W would be redundant. Now, wouldn't that be fun!

This issue has absolutely nothing to do with President Obama.

Comment by PopulistConservative

September 2nd 2011 05:34
Apparently, reading is not your forte, It. I didn't say that Gibson should be using illegal wood. In fact, I specifically said that it was wrong. I simply noted that it isn't being enforced across the board. Only a political adversary of Obama was singled out for enforcement.

This was done by the DOJ and the DOJ (headed by Obama crony Eric Holder) is in Obama's administration. To disavow that fact would be equivalent to not holding Bush accountable for the failure of FEMA during Katrina (which he rightfully was). Bush was responsible for the activities of FEMA. Obama is responsible for this.

Comment by Michael 2

September 2nd 2011 11:30

Comment by S.L.

September 2nd 2011 11:35
I got an email this morning containing a Wizard of Id comic. All the promises from the king and the crowd cheers. Then he promises jobs for everyone, and they ask "why do we need jobs?" Reminds me of your comment. Michael2.

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