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February 9th 2012 22:50
I'm shocked. Politico, which seems to obsess over GOP gaffes while largely ignoring Democratic chicanery, published a strong article condemning Obama for the lying weasel that he is:

There are two indisputable facts about politics.

The first is that every modern president in the fourth year of his presidency resorts to the cheap political stunts, broken promises and truth-fudging it takes to win reelection in what has been and will be a 50-50 nation. The reason is simple: Politics is not clean-living; it’s survival.

The second is that Barack Obama, for all his talk of moving beyond conventional political tricks, is doing just that, which wouldn’t be so glaring had it not been for his incessant call for a newer, cleaner and more transparent paradigm for American politics.

So much for the high road: Victory is more important than purity.

It goes on to highlight Obama's utter hypocrisy on issues such as Wall Street donations, the "Buffett Rule," the housing crisis, and the Keystone pipeline.

Most politicians, Republican and Democratic, are hypocritical. Obama has made an art form out of it, though.

I have to give Politico kudos on this one. I suspect that no other news outlets will follow up on this. Most of them are in full Obama-protection mode and will be until November (except Fox News, of course). Nevertheless, this article spelled out clearly what is so vile and disgusting about Obama. Liberals will buy his snake oil and go back for seconds. I'm hoping, however, that many of the independents will be equally offended by this and refuse to give him four more years.


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Comment by S.L.

February 9th 2012 23:22
Let's hope and pray that more people are paying attention this time, PopCon. Goodness knows, being unemployed should give them plenty of time to educate themselves.

Comment by PopulistConservative

February 9th 2012 23:43
A portion of the electorate would re-elect him even if he shot their favorite family member in front of them. Hopefully, there are enough "persuadeables" left, though.

Comment by RickB_GA

February 10th 2012 01:15
My concern is the comedy of errors the Republicans have put forth has done little to inspire the confidence of the right leaning moderate independents. I will vote for anyone running against Mr. Obama but I would like it to be a positive vote, not just the lesser of two evils ... again.

We also need to watch the Congress ... if the Dems get it back and Obama wins .... well probably time to head for the hills because that mayhem guy is coming. I went by my local WalMart this afternoon and the ammunition bin is about empty; about like it was back in 2008, especially the pistol stuff.

Can goods and ammunition ... best investments for 2013 if Obama repeats and the Dems win the Congress back.

I like your comment regarding "Obama-protection mode" and oh so true.

I wish all a wonderful weekend.

Comment by PopulistConservative

February 10th 2012 01:26
I agree, Rick. I'm disappointed with the options we have on the GOP side. I'll vote against Obama because any of the GOP candidates would be better (even RuPaul). However, I'm concerned that none are exciting the conservatives and independents as much as may be needed.

You may want to take a look at the CDC's Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide. If Obama's zombies (Zombamas? Obamazombies? Obomzies? Ozombies?) put him back in office again, the tips there may come in handy. Here it is:

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

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