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Voting "None of the Above"

March 3rd 2014 21:36
This is a good idea:

A bill that would add the option of choosing “none of the above” on New Hampshire ballots seems like a quintessential proposal for the first-in-the-nation presidential primary state that prides itself on having discerning voters.

I like it. Too often, I felt that I had to vote for the lesser of two (or more) evils. If we had the opportunity to vote "none of the above," it could allow us to express our discontent with the choices available to us. It would essentially be a vote of "no confidence" if "none of the above" received the most votes.

I can't imagine this kind of thing could happen on any grand scale, but I think it would be a valuable tool in gauging the public's true views.


Liz Cheney is out

January 6th 2014 18:52
It looks like there won't be another Cheney in office in the near future:

Liz Cheney announced early Monday morning that she was withdrawing from the Wyoming Republican Senate primary, bringing an abrupt end to her unsteady challenge to the incumbent, Michael B. Enzi
I'm glad she's out. I don't particularly care for her politics because she's a neocon (like her father). She would gleefully inject the US into other countries' political quagmires and involve us in endless wars.

Also, I'm tired of political families. We shouldn't elect any more Bushes, Clintons, or Kennedys -- and Dick Cheney destroyed any good will that his family name could've carried (ditto that times 100 for the Obama family name at this point, too).

No offense, Mrs. Cheney, but get out and find a productive job. We can fare better as a country without the "benefit" of your political acumen.

Obama -- Error 404

November 9th 2013 15:23
I like cleverness. This is clever. Click here to see what I'm talking about:

Remind Democrats that Obamacare was a mistake with our 404 error bumper sticker – the same error message Americans are seeing each day when trying to logon to

To extend the metaphor, I vacillate between whether Obama's ENTIRE presidency is best represented by a 404 error or by a computer virus.

Or perhaps he just needs more memory or a better processor.

One thing is certain -- we need an upgrade.

Maybe all of the above are true. It just depends on what's happening on a given day. Our "Dear Leader" is versatile in that respect.


Joe Biden is a dunce

November 9th 2013 15:12
It that title provocative? Maybe. Is it true? Definitely.

"Uncle Joe" is at it again
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Good sign for GOP

October 12th 2013 02:57
This is good news. The GOP (well, the Tea Party wing of the GOP) is no longer jumping through hoops to satisfy big business:

Having failed to persuade their traditional Republican allies in Congress to avert a government shutdown, business leaders fear bigger problems ahead, and they're taking sides with a Democratic president whose health care and regulatory agenda they have vigorously opposed.

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Amnesty group falls apart

September 21st 2013 03:07
It's sad when the best thing that happens in Washington is what they FAIL to accomplish:

The road to overhauling the nation's immigration laws became even more difficult Friday when two Republicans abandoned a bipartisan group that had been working to craft a solution in the House of Representatives.

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Detroit and Obama

July 27th 2013 18:27
In last year's presidential election, Obama mercilessly mocked Mitt Romney for saying that we should let Detroit go bankrupt. He used the statement as a tool to show that Romney was heartless and incapable of leading this nation.

While Romney was talking mainly about the car companies in Detroit, his statement also applied very well to the municipality of Detroit itself

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Mete out some justice to Holder

May 30th 2013 01:46
Eric Holder has been a partisan hack from the day he took office at the Department of Justice. Now, his duplicity appears to have caught up to him. He may have committed perjury by lying to Congress. The writers at Power Line reach this conclusion:

Paul quoted Richard Nixon’s statement that perjury is “an awful hard rap to prove,” and because perjury is so dependent on the defendant’s state of mind, Nixon was right. Still, in this instance there appears to be a sound basis to investigate whether Holder should be criminally prosecuted.

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Really, South Carolina? Really?

April 4th 2013 00:23
This guy won the GOP primary? Really, South Carolina? Are you serious? The guy cheated on his wife, abandoned his kids, and quit the state. And you give him another chance?

I'm all for forgiveness, but isn't there someone who can run for office who isn't a cheat or a scoundrel

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Our tax dollars at work

March 23rd 2013 23:29
People wonder why conservatives don't want Washington raising our taxes. Here are our tax dollars at work.

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